Newsgena Institute is a virtual center specialized in the Congo-DRC. It aims at providing and sharing information about the Congo-DRC. It gives a scientific, philosophical and dynamic approach to the current issues in the Congo-DRC including conflicts and problems existing in the Eastern DRC  with the ultimate goal to contribute to the development of a peaceful, just, democratic and visionist congolese society. Newsgena is going to discuss in depth the roots of the conflicts in the Kivu region and the ways to peace and development in the DRC. The research is dynamic. The information is regularly updated as new research findings and discoveries are published by experts in the region.
A critical approach on ways through which attitudes and beliefs in the DRC can be improved to bring a NEW KNOWLEDGE, a NEW VISION and NEW WAYS to make the DRC a better place to live is shared.
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There is nothing like a center in the entire world where one can get information about the Congo-DRC.If one needs some information about the Congo(drc) he has to struggle to get and access it. Newsgena aims at filling in that gap by providing information about the Congo(drc) to the entire humanity on one hand and to provide information about the Congo(drc) and the World to the Congolese Nation in cities and rural areas. It is going to be operating like a library and a documentation source. It will start up with volunteers because it has no funds to pay the staff. And gradually as the dream turns into reality we will get some partners and owned productions that would be a source of income to support its various projects abd its volunteers.