There is nothing like a center in the entire world where one can get information about the Congo-DRC.If one needs some information about the Congo(drc) he has to struggle to get and access it. Newsgena aims at filling in that gap by providing information about the Congo(drc) to the entire humanity on one hand and to provide information about the Congo(drc) and the World to the Congolese Nation in cities and rural areas. It is going to be operating like a library and a documentation source. It will start up with volunteers because it has no funds to pay the staff. And gradually as the dream turns into reality we will get some partners and owned productions that would be a source of income to support its various projects abd its volunteers.

Mission Statement.

To constitute a virtual Research and Information Centre about the Congo-DRC.


Assemble and create and publish Information in various fields by our experts.

Search for  information that other experts have discovered.

Share the research findings with the humanity through various socially and culturally availble and acceptable means.

Make available information regarding Congo(drc) to people in Congo(DRC) and the rest of the World.

Make available information concerning the rest of the world to people in Congo(DRC).

Target groups

In the DRC- Urban & Rural populations, taking off with the Eastern Congo(DRC) in a pilot project. Urban areas: churches, primary & secondary Schools and university libraries, Community Hall libraries, hospitals and clinics( in the DRC such libraries do not really exist, the Newsgena Institute hopes to bring a new intellectual warmth and initiatives to bring and manage such facilities to the institutions enumerated). Rural areas: Schools, Colleges and universities, Churches, hospitals and clinics, Government public offices ( in the DRC such information resources do not exist, Newsgena has to initiate their existance).

Worldwide- Scheme I: creating a Newsgena website  available to all. Scheme 2: creating offices worldwide , taking off with Congo(DRC) neighboring countries, Eastern Africa,South Africa, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

For more information please contact us ! We need partners get in touch please ! we are assured that we have got the same vision- Information is the key to the new knowledge and the new way of thinking  in Congo(DRC).