1885: Congo state created by Leopold II, the King of Belgium.
1960:Congo becomes independent...Kasavubu=president,Lumumba=prime minister
1964:Mobutu seizes power through a military coup and rules the country for more than 30 years.
1996: Kabila with AFDL and Rwanda-Uganda-Burundi attack Zaire to topple Mobutu off power 1997.Laurent Kabila becomes president 15 may 1997. Kabila laurent assassinated in January 2001.  2001: His son Joseph Kabila took power. Joseph Kabila elected president in October 2006.
In the 60's -Kanyarwanda war in North Kivu. In 1964: The Mulele war in Kivu. In 1973 the  Schrame war in Kivu. In 1993 the war against Congolese Abahutu and Batutsi. In 1994- massive return of Batutsi to Rwanda accross the Eastern Congo-DRC border. Most of them former Refugees in Zaire. In 1996 wide scale massacres and crime against humanity toward Congolese Abahutu people in Congo. In 1997, the UN sends a team led by Mr. Roberto Garreton to investigate the alleged genocide against Abahutu people. 2007, Congolese Abahutu people targeted by all war loards rebels operating in Eastern Congo-DRC and survivals concentrated in camps for "Internally Displaced Camps". The wounds are bleeding in the DRC. How can we contribute to stop the bleeding and lastingly cure the wounds and heal the scars?



La Radio Okapi ( French): Gives news  in French on current issues in the RDC-Congo including politics, culture, sports, music, online news and development.


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